The Tahu Hikuroa Foundation

We are a support organisation for brain tumour patients and their whānau. We provide practical support in various formats and we advocate for research in brain tumours and brain cancer.

Our Story

The Tahu Hikuroa Foundation (THF) is a charitable organisation formed in Christchurch by a group of friends and family members following Tahu’s diagnosis with brain cancer in early 2017; Tahu was diagnosed with two glioblastoma multiform brain tumours. This is the most aggressive type of brain cancer.

When someone close to you is handed a diagnosis as shocking and unexpected as Tahu’s, many emotions wash over all of those people that love you.

In the days following diagnosis, so many of our thoughts were focused on providing Tahu and his whānau (his wife Jo and their children) with the support that they needed but we didn’t know what or how we could most practically do this.

THF was created out of multiple needs: Those of Tahu and Jo, their son Knox and their second son Manaaki (at that time, unborn), and that of their close whānau and friends to show their love and support for the Hikuroa’s as they faced their toughest battle together.

Along the way, we came to the realisation that there is a huge gap in support provided to brain tumour patients in New Zealand and so with Tahu’s blessing, we have opened our support up to others that have found themselves impacted by a brain tumour diagnosis.

Getting Help

If you or someone close to you has been handed a brain tumour diagnosis, we encourage you to get in touch with us to see if we can help in some way.

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